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This is the music video I just finished for Michael & Marie “Love is Happening.” 

I went home to San Diego for the 4th of July weekend and Michael asked me if I wanted to shoot a video for one of his latest songs. I told him I was up for it, but that I didn’t have much time…maybe a couple of hours on a Wednesday. While I was still in NYC, Mike and I talked over the phone and he said he wanted to shoot at the beach. We came up with a simple concept and that was about the only planning we did. Marie drove down from LA the following week and we shot for about 2 hours in Imperial Beach, CA. It was a pretty simple shoot, but the lightning conditions were changing every 5 minutes, so that became a pain. I was a little worried when we wrapped up because I felt like I wasn’t going to have enough material to work with. My worries were gone after knocking back a few pints at Hamilton’s after the shoot. 

I started transcoding footage in San Diego so that I could start editing on the plane on my way back to NYC. I only synced the performances on the plane. Once I was in the East Coast it took me a couple of days to finish it. I had a hard time with this project mainly because I couldn’t find the right rhythm. I didn’t want it to be cheesy either. After going back and forth with it, I settled on something I liked. This is why more and more I get addicted to editing. You have all these pieces to build something, but you don’t know exactly what. Then you start putting them together, moving things around, and you come up with something you like. 

This was shot on a Canon 7D and cut on Avid Media Composer 7.

Week 02: NYC Marathon Training

Wow, this past week sucked! It was worse than what I expected it to be. Since I was going to be traveling over the weekend, I knew I was not going to get all my workouts in, but at least I was going to try to eat well. That didn’t happen.
A bunch of social gatherings came up, so there was a bunch of boozing, good eating, and sleepless nights. Then I tried to run all my mileage before I left on vacation on Thursday and it totally wiped me out. I tried to get my long run in on Wednesday (10 miles), but I had to stop due to the heat and overall exhustion. More and more I realize how proper sleep is important to your overall health.
Things should get a lot better from here until October. I’ll be doing more traveling then, but for now I really gotta get better at this training thing. Need to work on my discipline.
I gotta say, though, the weekend getaway to Miami was worth it :0)

Week 02 Totals:
Miles - 18.85 out of 25.85
Strength Training - none
Yoga - none

Week 01: NYC Marathon Training

My first week of training for this year’s NYC Marathon is now complete. I ended up running 23 miles, but didn’t do any strength training or yoga due to work obligations. I’ve felt kinda heavy during the runs, so definitely need to start knocking off some weight. I did lose half a pound, though ha!

This heat definitely makes training a bit hard. I’ve been trying to get up at 6am to run, but have found it difficult. Will keep working on that.

My diet is a bit better. I’m not eating or drinking as much, but haven’t been able to cook much at home. I went grocery shopping this weekend so I’ll be good to go for the next couple of weeks. I’m back to drinking my green juice and protein after workout and that makes me feel so much better.

Week 02 is not gonna be that great since I’m gonna be traveling. I’ll try to get in 3 runs, including 10 miles on Wednesday. And of course I’ll be eating out and drinking so that doesn’t help much.

Glad I’m on my way, though. I needed this.


The 4 month journey starts today!

After three years of trying to win a spot in the NYC Marathon, I finally got accepted into this year’s race. I started taking running seriously in 2009 and since then I’ve been determined to participate in this event. I ran my first and only marathon in 2011 (Carlsbad, CA) and I’ve been looking to do another one after focusing on doing only half-marathons. 

So today I started my training, which will put me through a 16 week plan - ideal for a marathon. But this journey is not only about being able to run 26.2 miles, it’s about transforming my mind and body. I think every once in a while it’s good to reinvent ourselves and for me it’s a perfect time to do so both mentally and physically. 

I’ve decided to post my weekly progress until November 02, the day of the race, so I can help motivate other people looking to run the marathon or who are simply seeking a healthier lifestyle. I’ll be writing about training, nutrition, gear reviews, and any other stuff that comes up during these next 4 months.

Training will consist of 4 days of running, starting with about 25 miles per week and eventually going up to 40+ miles. The other days I will incorporate strength training, yoga, and some boxing. Sundays will be for resting and eating whatever I want.

With regards to diet, I don’t really plan on being to strict on myself. Just really plan on controlling portions and not eating junk. I’m also going to cut back on the boozing.

My other goal is to loose 15 lbs. by race day. I weighed 190.8 lbs today so I need to loose 1 pound a week to get to 175 lbs. 

I’m excited about this new journey and I hope it inspires and motivates anyone out there looking to achieve new goals in their lives. 


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